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About Zambia

Zambia is currently battling an electricity supply deficit due to very low water levels in the Kariba Dam which is only able to supply 25% in urban areas and 3% in rural areas leaving the majority of the population to depend on wood fuel and other traditional energy sources for their household energy needs. Zambia aims to reach 90% and 51% access by 2030 in urban and rural areas respectively, expand the renewable energy sources mix from < 1% to 15% by 2030. The Zambian Kwacha has also weakened significantly this year, with the US dollar now worth double what it was years ago. This affects prices of most goods due to the fact that Zambia imports most of its commodities. A social ill impeding the advancement of girl child education is early childhood marriages with more than a ¼ of girls under 18 married and a 1/5 becoming mothers before they turn 18 leading to high rates of maternal mortality. Please pray for Zambia and its leadership during this difficult time as the country and people struggle with increasing poverty levels, inadequate educational and health facilities, rising prices and water and electricity shortages.